Auction Services

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Rather than bin it, let us sell it with Matrix Auction Service Surrey.

Not everything surplus to requirements has a financial value, but a lot of things do and it's amazing how often there can be hidden treasures lying around your home.

Over the years, Matrix Moving Group has developed a great working relationship with one of the most respected individuals in the sale room business.  Antiques experts Jonathan Pratt (as seen on BBC1’s Bargain Hunt and BBC2’s Antiques Road Trip) is the Managing Director of Bellmans Auction House at Wisborough Green, Surrey.

Your Move Manager can arrange for an expert to visit your home, look at the items you are planning to dispose of, and determine whether they are of value. If so, we can arrange for them to be put through any one of three auction types at Bellmans, with you receiving 100% of the proceeds of the sale.

Through Bellmans, you will be provided with accurate and professional advice, and all items consigned for entry into their Antiques Sale are fully illustrated online at both and There is also a Saturday sale which caters for less valuable items which are sold without reserve. So whether you wish to sell a regular item of furniture, fine arts or antiques
Bellmans, our trusted partner, are best placed to handle your requirements.

Contact our friendly team at Matrix to find out more about our auction service Surrey.